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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What services does Argyll & Bute Rape Crisis offer?

A. We offer free and confidential support to all survivors (aged 12 +) of sexual trauma, their non-offending partners, family members and friends in a variety of ways: Phone, email, text, letter and face to face.

Our Phone Helpline operates 7 days a week at various times -You can access emotional support along with practical support on health issues, Police and legal procedures, hospital and Doctors appointments, Court attendance etc.

Everything you say is treated in confidence within the terms of our Child Protection and Vulnerable Adults policies.

Q. I wasn’t raped - can I still speak to someone about abuse?

A. Yes. We deal with all kinds of sexual abuse including sexual harassment, bullying, stalking, childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault and rape.

Different people need to access support at different times in their lives. We will help you, however long it’s been.

Q. Do I need to pay?

A. No. All our services are provided free of charge.

Q. I find it difficult to think about what happened, never mind talk about it face to face. How can I get help?

A. It’s normal for people to feel like this. If you’re not comfortable seeing someone face to face,telephone support would be a place to start. You could also consider email or letter support. You can have support by telephone initially and then switch to face-to-face but you won’t be put under any pressure to do so…’s your support.

Q. Do I have to report what happened to the police?

A. No. We will support you in whatever decision you make regarding reporting to the Police. The decision is entirely yours and we won’t try to influence you in any way. If you do decide to report, we can accompany you. Reporting to the Police can be done at any time, long after the event.

Q. My child is under 18 – can they access your services?

A. Yes. Our specialised Youth Project (TESSA) supports young people aged from 12 years and over. Click here for details

Q. I’m disabled and unable to leave home without help. How do I get support?

A. There are options available to you. You can telephone, email or write to us. However, if you’d rather speak to someone face to face we can arrange to support you in your own home.

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