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Rape Trauma Syndrome

Rape Trauma Syndrome (RTS) is a form of post traumatic stress disorder, experienced by a rape survivor.
Rape trauma syndrome is broken up into three phases of behaviour, though survivors can move back and forth through these phases:

Acute Phase
The acute phase of rape trauma syndrome occurs right after the sexual assault, and can last for several weeks. The emotional responses in the acute phases can be different for every survivor but shock, numbness and unable to make simple decisions about their lives is common. Family and friends may try to persuade them to take actions that they think are suitable but the survivors may be unsure.

Adjustment Phase
This phase occurs in the weeks and months following the attack. Survivors try to get back to normal, as they need to feel they are in control of their lives again and may try to block out what has happened

Resolution Phase
The last phase of rape trauma syndrome occurs when the survivor has come to terms with their experience. The survivor may still be angry, sad or hurt, but is focusing on moving forward. In addition, the survivor also has more control over their life, in comparison to how they felt after the assault. However, the survivor can still have flashbacks or nightmares, even years after the assault.

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