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We will support you whether you decide to report to the Police or not.

We can offer you information and options and no matter what your decisions or choices are, we will always respect them and you.

If you choose to report to the Police

•Report as soon as possible (delay may go against your case)
•If at all possible, tell someone that you trust what has happened as soon as you can. A witness to your distress can be helpful.
•Do not wash, tidy or change clothing as you may destroy valuable forensic evidence which can diminish after 72 hours.
•Do not take any alcohol, drugs or eat or drink.

You can call the Rape Crisis Helpline so that we can support you through the Police and Medical Procedures. A Support Worker can accompany you to report if that is what you want.

If you choose NOT to report to the Police

•PLEASE consider retaining all of your clothing. It may contain vital evidence.
•Try to be somewhere safe with someone you can trust. If you are worried about sexually transmitted infections, you can access free confidential advice at your local clinic. You do not have to give your real name.
•Keep warm as it is likely you will be in shock.
•Have any injuries treated by a doctor or hospital.
If there is a possibility of pregnancy you can consider the morning after pill - up to 72 hours after incident (available from your local pharmacy) or in some cases there is a new drug that can be given up to 120 hrs after incident (see a health professional) or have a coil fitted - up to 5 days after incident (this requires a visit your doctor or family planning clinic)

You can call the Rape Crisis Helpline so that we can support you through this.

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