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Self Harm

Self harm is an act that involves deliberately inflicting pain and or injury to oneís own body, putting oneís self in danger and or self neglect but not with suicidal intent.
It is a survivorís way of dealing or coping with emotional distress and pain without involving or hurting anyone else. It is not attention seeking. It is a cry for help. It is a mechanism of gaining some control over what is happening to them or in their lives.

A Survivor who self harms does so as a last resort and will say that it is their will to live that makes them do it. Self harm is a negative response to a build up of emotions. The hope of self harming is to release the negative emotions and free themselves of these. Even if only temporarily.

The form that self harm takes varies from person to person and some examples include cutting, burning, banging, hair pulling, self poisoning, burning, swallowing and or inserting objects into the body.
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